SleepSafe mattress covers are a great choice for you and your family. We pride ourselves on using the best materials, and offering these well made covers at an affordable price. Our allergy friendly bedding will make a huge difference for those suffering with asthma or sinus issues.

Made with sustainable and renewable bamboo, our soft protectors are breathable and absorbent and come in a few different styles. The terry cloth covers are machine washable, can be used with an electric blanket and come with a five year domestic guarantee. The jersey knit protectors are made with super fine jersey knit that is bonded to an ultra thin, breathable membrane for invisible protection. It is also machine washable and the adult sizes come with a five year guarantee.

The fully sealed mattress protector is designed with allergy and asthma sufferers in mind. It also prevents bacteria and bed bugs from entering the mattress. The fully sealed protector can be placed on the mattress as a more permanent option if used in conjunction with a lightweight mattress cover for daily, washable use.

Whichever mattress protector you choose from our line of allergy friendly bedding, you can rest assured that you are being protected from allergy irritants and bacteria, and that you are sleeping on a clean, hypoallergenic surface.

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